Finally we held our book in our hands: Wijn van eigen bodem is now available! Through the website of SimplifyLife or at regular bookstores.

Yesterday we had a festive book presentation in the Wine Museum in Arnhem, where we handed the first copy to Jan Oude Voshaar, a pioneer Dutch winemaker.

For those who do not know: Wijn van eigen bodem is a practical book about Dutch wine. You’ll find information on what to expect of Dutch wines and what dishes pair well with them. We give tips for visiting the wineries, wine (bike) routes and restaurants with Dutch wine on the menu. Furthermore, we let specialists such as winemakers and sommeliers explain what makes Dutch wines definitely worthwhile.

Mariëlla and I are thrilled with the book, we hope you are, too! For those of you who can’t read Dutch (really?), an English e-book is in the making. Out in 2016.

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