Making a book involves a whole lot of tiny steps, which suddenly seem to come together after a lot of time and effort. Mariëlla and I have been working on Wijn van eigen bodem for a year and a half now and it’s finally starting to take real shape. We interviewed wine makers, sommeliers, restaurateurs and other people who know an awful lot on Dutch wine. We’re doing research and writing like mad. Our photographer Gerhard Witteveen is zig-zagging through Holland to get us beautiful imagery.

Of course the moment arrived to choose a cover, which determines the look and feel of the whole book to a great extent. You know how they say ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, but who does that, really? We saw multiple design directions, but none of them really made us happy. The cover had to say ‘wine book’, but at the same time also look truly ‘Dutch’. And yes, that effect could be reached with a picture of a hilly vineyard. We have hills in the south, you know.

We finally decided on this cover. The photography might change a bit still, but this is it, more or less. Another step on our way to the actual book!

We also created a blog and a book trailer. Enjoy!



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