IMG_1008The Douro, the place of origin of the famous Portuguese port wine, is one of the most interesting and beautiful wine region I’ve ever been to, and keep being drawn back to. I still don’t understand why it’s not trampled with tourists, but obviously I’m glad it’s not.

A while back, I was invited by Oscar Quevedo of Quevedo Port Wine, to come witness the port-making process from up close, and to try out the dazzling variety of the different types of this magical beverage. Oscar is a passionate ambassador for port, and having grown up between vines and barrels, you would assume that he would be. But even though his great-grandparents, grandparents and parents have all been making port, he’s not one of those wine makers for which the choice of following in the family’s footsteps was an obvious or reluctant one. He studied economics and started a career in Finance, until he made the deliberate choice to come work for the family business. Where Oscar’s sister Claudia is in charge of the port making, he makes sure the clients and consumers in one of the 26 countries where Quevedo is sold stay happy. Via social media or via many tastings, the Quevedos make sure the end consumer comes first, making it fun and definitely not scary for novice port drinkers to start trying and enjoying different types of port.

The visit inspired me to create a little infographic, something fun, and I hope helpful in understanding port wine.


[Infographic designed by Amit Ganguly]


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