teaser-winemakersThere have been many instances when I found myself in a vineyard thinking: Wouldn’t it be the coolest thing in the world to be a winemaker? What’s stopping me? Well, a whole lot of things, really. As much as I envy people who are actually crazy enough to follow this dream, the job of a winemaker is demanding, and certainly one that extends far beyond the usual 9 to 5. Getting up at the crack of dawn, tending to the vineyards, the cellar, distributors, importers, guests and lots of spreadsheets –  It’s a way of life, according to the winemakers I interviewed for this feature in American Express Essentials.

I spoke to Eduard and Stephanie Tcheppe-Eselböck of Gut Oggau, a company in the state of Burgenland, Austria; Brianne Day of Day Wines in Oregon’s Dundee Hills and David and Nadia Sadie, of David & Nadia in Swartland, South Africa. They may come from different corners of the globe, but there’s one thing that drives them all: a passion for what goes into the bottle, for you to enjoy. I invite you to read more on how they came to winemaking and their interesting approach to it.

This q&a was part of a wine special – which had also other fun reads:

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[Photo: Brianne Day; Easton Richmond]

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