logodwccI’m counting down the days until I can finally head to La Rioja, Spain. With last year’s impressions fresh in my mind, I know this year’s Digital Wine Communications Conference (DWCC, the former EWBC) is going to be just as great. Three days of seminars, tastings and keynote sessions revolving around the theme “flavour”, as well as lots of inspiring meetings with people who are passionate about wine and the web.

What became most clear to me last year, was how the love for wine can quickly bring complete strangers together. No matter the level of wine education or background. Case in point: after the final dinner, many of the conference participants carried on dancing way into the night. From MWs to promising wine bloggers, everyone seemed to be having a ball. But having fun is not the only levelling force of wine, obviously. The Grand Terroir Tasting featuring wine from Turkey, Georgia, Armenia and Lebanon or the keynote by Andrew Jefford on wine communication were other shared experiences that stirred opinions and ideas.

I’m looking forward to this year’s edition from 25 through 27 October, especially to the grand tasting of native Iberian varieties, led by Julia Harding MW and José Vouillamoz, authors of Wine Grapes, as well as workshops on Flavour perception (led by Tim Hanni MW) or food and wine pairing. The ladies of The Rome Digest (yours truly included) will make a special appearance on Saturday morning at 09.00, for early birds who are interested in hearing about collaborative blogging.

Watch the wrap-up video from last year’s event.

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