Gray skies, dark suits, gloomy buildings: Brussels gets a bad rep as a sleepy commuter city. Most tourists stick to the center, but who ventures out beyond the Grand Place, the statue of the peeing chap and the touristy restaurants on Rue des Bouchers, discovers a vibrant destination, especially for food lovers. And affordable at that.

The city is only a two-hour train ride from where I currently live (this Summer) and yet it feels so different. I’ve always liked this city with its undefinable melancholy side. For an article in Wizz Magazine, I recently explored the ‘bistronomie’ phenomenon. A contraction of ‘bistro’ and ‘gastronomie’, it describes a restaurant that has the looks of a bistro, while serving creative dishes with quality beers and wines. Of course, this is just an umbrella term and the restaurants I visited were idiosyncratic enough to be featured separately.

While reviewing the restaurants and interviewing the chefs, I discovered the areas of Saint Gilles, Ixelles and Ste. Cathérine. Lots of bars and cafes, quaint stores, cornershops, with a cool diversity. I’ll be back soon!

Read the full article here.

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