header bannerThe Rome Digest, an online news portal for dining, drinking and food shopping in Rome, launches today.

I am proud to be part of this iniative, together with my friends and colleagues Sarah May Grunwald, Hande Leimer, Katie Parla and Gina Tringali. All women, all sommeliers and local food experts with a deep admiration for our adopted city.

The Rome Digest highlights 100 wine bars, markets and restaurants that reflect our beliefs in local, sustainable and seasonal agricultural initiatives. From crowd pleasers such as Pizzarium and La Barrique to a speakeasy near Campo de’ Fiori named The Jerry Thomas Project to La Tradizione, a salumeria that sells more than 400 Italian cheeses and salumi.

Having watched plenty of vacationers fall into tourist traps, we decided to take matters into their own hands by combining our expertise, and The Rome Digest was born. While our standards are high and the majority must agree for the group to endorse a venue, our selections fall across the board from casual to sophisticated and everything in between.

In addition to highlighting the best places to eat, drink and shop, The Rome Digest reports on local food-related news and includes Friday round-ups of Rome happenings, “Top Five” lists and an events calendar that compiles Rome Digest organized events and the founders’ individual tours.

Visit the site.

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