Full Cycle – Biking in Bologna

Picture: Lorenzo Pesce

I’m waiting at a red light, in the midst of a swarm of cyclists. It is 9am, Bologna’s rush hour, and I
am joining the morning commute. A young woman with bright red lips and huge Ray- Bans zips past me, while I in turn overtake a senior gentleman wearing a tweed cap, who is casually peddling a ramshackle two-wheeler. It is only my second day here, but I feel very much part of this city…

Read the rest of my piece on cycling in Bologna in the June issue of Wizz Magazine. With brilliant pictures of Lorenzo Pesce.

La Grassa

delsoleI just came back from Bologna, where I was reporting on an article on city cycling. I spent two days touring the town on a bright yellow vehicle, graciously lent to me by the Monte Sole Bike Group, met with enthousiastic bike freaks and ate great food. The friendliness of shopkeepers, from bakers to butchers, was so refreshing. Bologna decidedly deserves its nickname ‘La Grassa’ (the fat) for it has the most diet-unfriendly cuisine possible. Which also is the Italian translation to my last name, so yes, my kind of city.