Kid-friendly veggies

My absolute favorite in the book, this pic of a kids’ cooking workshop (not too healthy cakes), by Maarten Laupman.

My work has been mostly about veggies lately. I wrote the Dutch part of the Groene Gault Millau (the Green Gault Millau), a guidebook listing the best greengrocers and (farmer’s) markets of the Netherlands and Belgium. Also included are interviews with chefs who put vegetables center stage. Jonnie Boer of De Librije was one of the first Dutch chefs who created truly inventive green dishes and offered a complete vegetarian tasting menu in the 3-Michelin-star restaurant. I believe this is the way forward.…

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Ready, steady…cooking with crates


Ten years ago Sjaak and Carla Sies started the ‘Voedselbank’, the Dutch version of the food bank, in their backyard in Rotterdam. Today, there are 136 branches in the Netherlands.

Now there’s a book to remember these past years and most of all, remember that food banks are needed more than ever. Every week, hundreds of volunteers help give out crates full of food to families and individuals who can’t afford the most basic foods. Their up-close interviews and portraits make the problem of poverty and hunger in rich countries painfully tangible.

voedselbankpakketThe section I was involved in is called ‘Cooking with crates’.…

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