The Rome Digest Launches Today

header bannerThe Rome Digest, an online news portal for dining, drinking and food shopping in Rome, launches today.

I am proud to be part of this iniative, together with my friends and colleagues Sarah May Grunwald, Hande Leimer, Katie Parla and Gina Tringali. All women, all sommeliers and local food experts with a deep admiration for our adopted city.

The Rome Digest highlights 100 wine bars, markets and restaurants that reflect our beliefs in local, sustainable and seasonal agricultural initiatives. From crowd pleasers such as Pizzarium and La Barrique to a speakeasy near Campo de’ Fiori named The Jerry Thomas Project to La Tradizione, a salumeria that sells more than 400 Italian cheeses and salumi.…

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Our burrito pop up in Rome

Burrito Pop Up  - Rooftop

Any food that is not Italian is hard to come by in acceptable renditions in Rome, but this especially holds true for Mexican food. Why Mexican in particular? That’s hard to tell, I just know that the people who’ve stubbornly ventured out to try yet another Mexican restaurant always came back disappointed. For American expats a good burrito is almost as dear to them as their beloved hamburger, so you can guess their enthusiastic responses when my friend Luis and I suggested to organize a burrito pop up on our rooftop terrace. Friends were invited, who could then invite other friends, as long as they rsvp-ed.

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‘Pasta alla Romana’ – my app for pasta in Rome

If you want to know real Roman cuisine, start with pasta. I recently put together an iPhone app that will give you a nice primer on classics as Carbonara or Amatriciana and other classics. It tells you in what trattorie to eat them and where to buy fresh pasta. Plus you’ll learn about ‘al dente’, (forbidden) ingredients and pasta shapes.

In the Eternal City, hundreds of trattorias have been serving the same dishes since time immemorial and nobody ever seems to grow tired of them. But who would? Picture a steaming bowl of perfect al dente pasta glistening with a velvety tomato sauce, containing tiny bits of crispy pork and grated pecorino cheese.…

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