About me

I was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Although the country is not known for its exhilarating cuisine, I grew up in a food-obsessed family. As a kid, I couldn’t appreciate the funny-looking creatures served on my plate and found visits to wine cellars utterly boring. But yes, now I’m stuck with this lifelong fixation. The next meal is always on my mind.

In Italy, talking about food all day long is totally accepted, so when I moved to Florence, I felt immediately at home. I was supposed to study art history, but I was more interested prying family recipes from unsuspecting Italian nonnas. Food traditions are great and need to be preserved and all, but I’m equally fascinated by the ongoing search for culinary innovation that you mostly find in big cities. After completing a master’s degree in culinary journalism at Boston University, I had the pleasure of experiencing this first-hand in New York City.

I’m a food and wine writer, and I have published cookbooks, magazine articles, a Rome guide book and most recently, a book on Dutch wines. While I was living in Rome, I worked as a food and wine educator. I hold two sommelier diplomas and am a member of the Associazione Italiana Sommelier (AIS).

I currently work as a social media editor in Munich, Germany. On this blog, you’ll find my personal ramblings on wine and food, and the occasional travelogue. Plus, recipes whenever possible. I discovered through my in-laws that Indians are equally food-crazed as Italians, so there’s another subcontinent of regional cuisines waiting to be explored.