I work as a food and wine writer for Dutch and international publications based out of Munich, Germany.  I’m also a wine educator. I hold two sommelier diplomas and am a member of the Associazione Italiana Sommelier (AIS).

I was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Although the country is not particularly known for its great cuisine, I grew up in a foodie family. As a kid, I couldn’t always appreciate the funny-looking creatures on my plate and found visits to European wine cellars really tedious. By now, I see my ongoing food and wine journeys as logic progressions of this upbringing.

During a study exchange in Florence over a decade ago I noticed I was more interested in the food than in art history. The ideas about food in Italy, being strictly local, seasonal and traditional, really stuck with me. On the other hand, I love the ongoing quest for novelty and diversity that you find in cosmopolitan cities. After completing a master’s degree in magazine journalism at Boston University, I had the pleasure of experiencing this first-hand in New York City. Travels often lead me back to this food hub, as my journeys are always strictly food-driven. I lived in Rome for three years, where I worked as a food and wine guide and educator.

I’ve published cookbooks, magazine articles and a Rome guide book. Check out my portfolio for more titles.