Having cake…

Yossi-Arefi-Glen-Allsop-2400-x-1350Last month, I took on a new role as social media editor for an exciting online publication, Amex Essentials. Freelancing was fun and rewarding as long as it lasted, but in Munich, where we still don’t know a ton of people, it also felt quite limiting. Taking on a fulltime office job, I was afraid I’d miss writing, but each month, I get to do a few fun articles as well.

One of the first was a roundup of amazingly talented food and dessert bloggers. I asked them to share their takes on classic cakes, as well as a bit of insight into their lives as baking bloggers.

Talking about having cake and eating it, too!

Emiko Davies shared a valuable insight into baking with kids: “I’ve never been afraid of making a little mess in the kitchen, and I think that’s where some parents might have trouble letting them go for it.” Something I definitely have to remember once I seriously break out the mixing bowls with my son.

I keep telling myself I have to bake the cakes, but that will have to wait a little. Other work-life-priorities!

Read the full article here.

[picture: Yossy Arefi – Glenn Allsop]





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