Roman horn tooting (100% Rome)

Ecco: the new 100% Rome. Updating this guidebook was the reason I came back to the Eternal City last Summer. I pounded the pavement, sometimes with 30+°C temperatures, to find exciting sights, shops and restaurants and re-checked previous entries (disclaimer: not all entries are personal favorites, but I had to make some compromises). I’m glad I accepted this gig, because other chance meetings followed which made it possible for me to be here. Now I’m working as a sommelier, market tour guide, and I’m still writing about food and wine. It’s all pretty damn good.

So, for all of you Dutch-speaking people out there who are planning a Rome trip, here’s the link.

Basta with the personal horn-tooting. I have more to share. Last month, a couple of my friends were featured in a CNN documentary on Rome, sharing their favorite Rome locations and things to do. It’s so much fun seeing Hande drink water from a nasone (and wine!) like a pro, Jess hit the Pigneto nightlife, and so on. I was supposed to be in it, too, but except for a one second shot in which I shove some goat cheese in my mouth (I don’t even LIKE goat cheese!), my part got completely cut out. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Nonetheless, I encourage you to watch it here!

For English-speaking Rome visitors, my friend Katie Parla has a book out with walking tours in Rome. Fifteen itineraries that will let you discover the best neighborhoods.

Lastly, some REAL horns. My roommate ‘Miss Tess from New York’ will be performing with her big band Bixilander Swing Orchestra all over Rome this and the coming month. If you’re a fan of thirties and forties jazz, American jazz evergreens and the like, go check them out!

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